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Privacy Policy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 123 privacy policy

Hello guys, let me tell you about the privacy policy of my blog, what we share on our website and what you will find on this website will help you understand our privacy policy if you have HTTP: // www on our website. is coming, our privacy policy will have to be followed regularly, otherwise, we have the right to block.

What information do I share on my website?

I have a lot of image and gif in Hindi and English languages on my blog like

   1  Happy birthday image
   2  Happy birthday gif
   3  Happy birthday text 3d
   4  Happy birthday sticker
   5  Happy birthday cake image
   6  and many more

What can I do for you

You can tell me whatever information I share for you by telling me how my experience is.

You can send us an email on our contact us and you will do our best to improve it.

What kind of information we should share on our website, you can help us so that we can do something good for our visitors.

How To Use Happy birthday 123 Website

 1. You do not have any kind of the wrong comment.

2.  You type the same type of post that you comment on.

3.  If you have any complaint from our website then you can send us mail.

4.  You do not have to use any wrong words in the comment.

Third-party  link

You will not share links to any website without our permissions on our website if necessary, but do not share the wrong link, your comments will not be public

If you need to post the link then you can.


Cookies are a small file that the browser uses, it sends it to the hard disk of our computer. We can use it in the future for our website.

Terms and condition

So I hope you will follow the privacy policy of our website.

All rights reserved

I have the full right to delete, block and spam your comments.

So I hope you will not break the privacy policy of my website

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